The Temple College Business Club is hosting a Business Etiquette Seminar on Tuesday, April 23, from 12:45-2 p.m. in the Temple College Pavilion.  

Topics to be covered at the event include which foods to order and/or refrain from ordering, table etiquette, conversation etiquette, phone etiquette, bathroom etiquette, and more. Participants also will learn about table settings, which silverware to use for each course, along with other tips one should know when at a professional business meal or event.

“Proper etiquette can mean the difference between success and failure in many aspects of life,” said Business Club President Shari Hubbard. “In the business world, knowing proper etiquette is essential in representing you and the company you work for in a positive way. Lack of proper etiquette can prevent you from being hired, promoted, and in some cases may even get you fired.”

The seminar will be taught by Temple College Professor Barbara Carpenter and will include a small three-course meal to go along with the lesson. Tickets are $10 each and must be reserved in advance by writing