Jonathan Robinson plays the role of the Bat Boy in the 2019 Vocal Point production of "Bat B...Jonathan Robinson plays the role of the Bat Boy in the 2019 Vocal Point production of "Bat Boy".The Temple College musical theatre ensemble Vocal Point is presenting the rock musical “Bat Boy” April 26-27 at 7:30 p.m. in the Jackson-Graeter Backstage Theatre.

The show is set in a fictional rural community in the Appalachian Mountains called Hope Falls. Since the coal mines have gone out of business, running cattle has become the town’s new economic engine. Unfortunately, the ranchers are having trouble getting their cows up to acceptable size to slaughter. Even worse, some kind of plague seems to be striking the cattle – a condition bemoaned in the song “Another Dead Cow.” 

Against this backdrop, a boy with fangs and bat ears is discovered by rowdy teenagers exploring a cave. The frightened Bat Boy bites one of the teens and is carted off to Dr. Parker, the town veterinarian, by the sheriff. Dr. Parker’s wife and daughter accept and try to help civilize Bat Boy (“I’ll Show You a Thing or Two”) despite Dr. Parker’s protests. Parker’s wife and daughter resolve to present Bat Boy to the public at Hope Falls’ tent revival (“Make a Joyful Noise”), and it seems as though the town may be willing to accept him. Dr. Parker, though, makes this impossible by pitting Bat Boy against the rest of the town and riling up the citizens of Hope Falls, ultimately leading to the show’s violent conclusion (“Finale,” “Hold Me, Bat Boy”).       

The show stars Jonathan Robinson as Bat Boy, Greg Madrid as Dr. Parker, Hannah Gilmore as Meredith Parker, Callie Dennis (Friday) and Lauren Carlson (Saturday) as Shelley Parker, and Michael Morris as the Sheriff. Dr. Sara Harris Baker is the director, JoAnna Langthorn is the choreographer and David Perez-Guerra is the music director.   

Tickets are $5 general admission and are available in advance at the Temple College Fine Arts Division Office or at the door. Seating is limited. 

The Jackson-Graeter Backstage Theatre is located in the Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center, 2570 S. 5th St. in Temple. For more information on this concert and other events sponsored by the Temple College Fine Arts Division, call 254-298-8555 or visit